12 Email Marketing Tips for One-Person Teams

12 Email Marketing Tips for One-Person Teams

12 Email Marketing Tips for One-Person Teams

Solo email marketers, brace yourselves for a treasure trove of wisdom directly from the minds of founders and marketing managers. From focusing on quality over volume to balancing customization with volume, discover the top twelve strategies and resources they recommend to elevate your email marketing game.

  • Focus on Quality Over Volume
  • Leverage Email Automation Tools
  • Quantify Revenue Contribution
  • Utilize AI for Refined Messaging
  • Integrate SEO in Email Content
  • Consider Outsourcing Tasks
  • Use AI-Powered Writing Tools
  • Maintain a Clean Email List
  • Maximize Efficiency with Templates
  • Avoid Over-Customizing Emails
  • Embrace Scale in Email Marketing
  • Balance Customization with Volume

Focus on Quality Over Volume

Simple. Focus on quality, not volume. Results, not campaigns sent. Spend your time wisely understanding the target demographic, creating an irresistible offer, and positioning the product or service in the right way, and you can outperform larger teams tenfold—every damn day of the week.

Casey JonesCasey Jones
Founder, Head of Marketing, CJ&CO

Leverage Email Automation Tools

My top tip for a one-person email marketing team is to leverage automation. Email marketing automation tools can help you manage your time and resources efficiently, allowing you to schedule campaigns, segment your audience, and personalize your messages with ease. This not only increases your productivity but also enhances the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Ours is one such too, which offers robust features for managing and automating your email marketing efforts. It allows you to create automated sequences based on specific triggers, ensuring your emails are timely and relevant.

Additionally, continuously educate yourself about the latest trends and best practices in email marketing. Resources like the blogs of HubSpot, Litmus, and Smartlead offer valuable insights.

Remember, the key is not to do everything manually but to work smarter by leveraging the right tools and staying updated with industry trends.

Alka GuptaAlka Gupta
Content Marketing Lead, Smartlead.ai

Quantify Revenue Contribution

As a one-person email marketing team, I highly suggest quantifying how much revenue you generate through your email marketing campaigns and asking for a percentage as commission.

For example, if your goal is to generate email leads, find out what percentage of leads buy and what their CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is. From here, you can say, “I generated 10,000 email subscribers, and because 1 out of 20 email subscribers end up buying and the average CLV is $300, I made $150,000 for this company.”

Even if your bosses aren’t willing to give you a commission on the revenue you generated, you can use this calculation to stand out when applying for jobs in the future.

Scott LiebermanScott Lieberman
Owner, Touchdown Money

Utilize AI for Refined Messaging

For a one-person email marketing team, my top tip is to harness the power of AI, like ChatGPT, to refine your messaging. It’s crucial to get feedback, and in the absence of a team, AI can provide valuable insights and suggestions to enhance your email campaigns. This approach allows you to continuously improve your content, making it more engaging and effective. Embrace AI as your virtual teammate to elevate your email marketing strategy.

Justin SilvermanJustin Silverman
Founder & CEO, Merchynt

Integrate SEO in Email Content

One essential tip I’d offer to a one-person email marketing team is to prioritize the integration of SEO best practices within your email content. By ensuring your newsletters are rich in relevant keywords and valuable content, you’re not only engaging your subscribers but also increasing the odds of your emails being shared and potentially featured in online content, amplifying your reach.

To aid in this endeavor, tools like Ahrefs for keyword research and Google Analytics for tracking engagement can be invaluable. Consider crafting a comprehensive content calendar that aligns with your SEO strategy to maintain consistency and relevance in your communication.

Alex TaylorAlex Taylor
Head of Marketing, SEO Specialists, Digital Signage

Consider Outsourcing Tasks

Don’t hesitate to outsource. Being the only person on a marketing team doesn’t mean you must handle everything alone. I’ve been in that position, and trying to do it all just stretches you too thin. Honestly, there are times when you need additional assistance.

For instance, if you’re particularly good at something critical to your business, like writing or graphic design, then continue doing it. But for other tasks, it might be smart to bring in specialists.

In such situations, I recommend hiring freelancers or virtual assistants (VAs). There are many VAs available online who can handle repetitive tasks (like posting content on various platforms) efficiently and quickly. This approach can be cost-effective, as these individuals work independently, meaning you don’t incur office-related expenses!

Lucas OchoaLucas Ochoa
Founder & CEO, Automat

Use AI-Powered Writing Tools

For solo email marketers, my best tip is to take advantage of AI-powered tools instead of spending hours writing everything from scratch. Services like HoppyCopy can generate email sequences, newsletters, and various email campaigns really quickly with minimum guidance.

With everything that goes into marketing, this is the only way a solo marketer can compete with large teams and established brands. AI tools also allow you to A/B test your marketing messages to see what converts best.

Juliet DreamhunterJuliet Dreamhunter
Founder & AI Strategist, Juliety

Maintain a Clean Email List

Building and maintaining a clean email list is crucial for the success of your email marketing efforts, especially for a one-person email marketing team! A clean email list helps improve deliverability, and when you regularly remove inactive or invalid email addresses, it reduces the chances of your emails being marked as spam, ultimately ensuring that your messages reach the intended recipients’ inboxes.

Cleaning your email list also helps reduce bounce rates. Bounces can occur when you send emails to invalid or non-existent addresses, so keeping your list up-to-date minimizes these bounces, contributing to better email deliverability.

It helps to dedicate some time each week to maintain your lists and to simplify some processes to make it easier when there is only one person monitoring. Implement an email verification process for new subscribers to ensure that the provided email addresses are valid. This can prevent issues with bouncing and improve deliverability. Also, provide opportunities for subscribers to update their preferences, including email frequency and content preferences. This helps you tailor your emails and retain engaged subscribers.

Lastly, providing opportunities for subscribers to update their preferences, including email frequency and content preferences, helps you tailor your emails and retain engaged subscribers.

Ray WangRay Wang
Principal, RW Digital

Maximize Efficiency with Templates

One key tip I’d offer to a solo email marketing team is to leverage tools and templates to maximize efficiency. With limited resources, automation and pre-designed templates can be lifesavers. They should utilize email marketing platforms like Mailchimp or HubSpot for automation and A/B testing. This can save them time and help improve campaign effectiveness.

Additionally, they should also explore pre-made templates offered by these platforms or design resources like Canva to maintain a professional look without spending excessive time on design. By streamlining the processes, they can free up more time to focus on creating compelling content and nurturing customer relationships.

Johannes LarssonJohannes Larsson
Founder and CEO, JohannesLarsson.com

Avoid Over-Customizing Emails

Don’t over-customize the emails. While personalization and customization are the keys to grabbing your target customer’s attention, taking them too far might lead you to the spam folder. Knowing too much about the reader might make them feel uncomfortable, leading to a negative perception of the brand. This can raise privacy concerns, which can lead to less trust.

There is a possibility that instead of clicking and being impressed by the email, they might mark you as spam. Create a thin line between customization and over-customization and know where to stop. This will help you take better advantage of customizing while making sure you convert your readers into customers.

Len GaugerLen Gauger
Owner, Connect Space

Embrace Scale in Email Marketing

If you’re a one-person email marketing team, my biggest tip would be to re-evaluate your perception of scale and volume in your email marketing effort. Typically, the success of an email program has quite a bit to do with scale—things like the number of customers you have, how frequently you mail, the size of your email list, and so forth. The number you likely have in your head that you think is “big enough” to have results is probably one or two orders of magnitude too small.

Therefore, do not be afraid to aggressively grow your list or send out emails more frequently. While keeping quality high is really important, subscribers are not always as sensitive to volume as marketers fear. The lack of instantaneous feedback also means that it can take a while for everything to shake out and for you to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Focus on building and nurturing your list, experiment with your campaigns, and always be prepared to scale your efforts. By doing so, you’ll not only meet but potentially exceed the results you’re aiming for.

Blake SmithBlake Smith
Marketing Manager, ClockOn

Balance Customization with Volume

If you’re solo-nailing it, by far your scarcest resource is time. Always give your hour an arbitrary number, and never do anything manually if there is a paid alternative that costs less. It’s a numbers game: If you hand-write perfect emails with a 95% open rate, it’s still not effective if you can only churn out a handful a day.

On the flip side, completely lackluster and generic campaigns that yield a 5% open rate burn through leads without squeezing enough value out of them. The sweet spot, obviously, is in the middle: Customize just enough to have an as-high-as-possible rate of contacts with as-high-as-possible open rates.

Instead of very few huge campaigns, run a lot more smaller campaigns where you experiment until you’ve found the right threshold for your audience.

Thomas StroblThomas Strobl
Founder, Fugoya

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Identify User Behaviors Via Email Insights

Through strategic email marketing, we’ve experienced a tangible boost in our SEO performance. The careful curation of content tailored to our specific audience has not only increased user engagement but has also translated into extended time spent on our web pages and a reduced bounce rate. These positive signals are instrumental in enhancing our overall search engine ranking.

One of the most impactful strategies we’ve employed is using email insights to inform our SEO efforts. Understanding our users’ preferences and behaviors allows us to fine-tune various elements such as content, calls to action (CTAs), headings, and subject lines. By repurposing these insights, we not only create more targeted email campaigns but also optimize our web pages effectively. It’s a symbiotic relationship where the lessons learned from email engagement directly contribute to refining our online presence.

My top tip for others looking to boost SEO through email marketing is to view these channels as interconnected platforms. The data gleaned from email campaigns should be a guiding force in shaping and refining your broader online strategy, resulting in a more cohesive and impactful digital presence.

Sajin K JohnSajin K John
SEO & Digital Marketing Expert

Storytelling Enhances Brand and SEO

Our email marketing campaigns have greatly increased brand recognition and supported our SEO strategy. We have increased website traffic and organic search engine ranks by strategically integrating relevant links and targeted keywords into our email campaigns.

Storytelling, however, is our most effective email marketing strategy for increasing brand awareness and SEO. Create engaging stories in your email content that speak to your readers rather than just advertising goods or services. Share industry insights, behind-the-scenes photos, or customer success stories that exemplify the character and values of your company.

In addition to encouraging higher email open and click-through rates, you can develop brand advocacy and loyalty by building genuine connections and engaging your audience deeply. Because search engines prioritize user engagement metrics, resulting in higher website visits, longer dwell times, and better SEO success.

Simply put, pay attention to the effectiveness of storytelling in your email marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness. Making deep connections with your audience that stick in their minds is as important as selling; this will help boost your brand’s visibility and position in search engine rankings.

Najeeb Ur RehmanNajeeb Ur Rehman
SEO Analyst, Digital Auxilius

Leverage Email Sharing Buttons for Quality Backlinks

Email marketing can substantially improve SEO in various ways. One helpful strategy is using email campaigns to create high-quality backlinks to your website. By integrating social media sharing buttons and producing worthwhile content that inevitably generates links, you may encourage readers to spread the word about your content.

In addition, incorporate pertinent keywords into your email content optimization plan. To increase search engine visibility, incorporate these keywords into your headers, body text, and subject lines. You may improve your website’s authority and exposure in search engine results pages by regularly sending relevant, high-quality emails to interested subscribers.

In conclusion, my top recommendation for improving SEO with email marketing is to build high-quality backlinks and use pertinent keywords in your email content. By including these tactics in your email marketing, you can increase organic traffic to your website and improve its search engine ranking.

Bilal IqbalBilal Iqbal
SEO Executive, Digital Auxilius

Turn Email Subscribers Into Active Participants

Email marketing, often seen as a separate entity, can actually be a secret weapon in boosting SEO. Here’s a personal story that illustrates this well. I focused on creating high-quality, informative newsletters that my subscribers found valuable. By including links to well-crafted blog posts and pages on my website, I encouraged readers to visit and engage with my site’s content.

The magic happened when these readers found the content useful and shared it across their networks, including social media and their own blogs. This generated organic backlinks, a key factor in SEO. It’s like starting a ripple effect; the initial wave begins with the email, and it spreads out, reaching farther shores in the form of backlinks and social shares.

For anyone looking to boost their SEO with email marketing, my top tip is to focus on creating content that is truly valuable and share-worthy. Encourage your readers to engage with it beyond just reading—ask them to share their thoughts, provide feedback, or share it on their platforms if they found it useful. This approach not only fosters a deeper connection with your audience but also turns your email subscribers into active participants in your SEO efforts.

Anup KayasthaAnup Kayastha
Founder, Serpnest

Create Share-Worthy Email Content

Directing traffic to an article is a great signal to Google that it’s quality content readers want to enjoy. Not only that, but you are sending vital data to Google about on-page metrics like time on page, bounce rates, and exit rates.

I usually create an RSS feed to go out in a monthly designed email so all of my readers can jump to my latest blog posts and kick them up in the rankings by helping them get indexed faster by being on the site and the page.

More traffic means boosted rankings and a higher crawl budget.

George PanayidesGeorge Panayides
Digital Marketing Specialist, The Digital xx

Repurpose Newsletters for SEO Benefits

I have a weekly growth-hacking newsletter that goes out to tens of thousands of marketers, creators, and entrepreneurs.

All of my newsletters are turned into articles on my website.

It’s not infrequent that one of my readers will have a blog or website of their own—and link to one of the newsletters I republished as an article.

Content repurposing is one of the most powerful methods there is, especially when you repurpose a well-performing piece of content.

In my case, by repurposing my newsletters as articles, I get backlinks. These backlinks increase my domain authority and page authority, and my website gains more market share within search engines as a result.

I don’t believe in content gating. I choose to use all my content as acquisition tools to get more visibility and more top-of-mind awareness. Aside from my weekly newsletter, I have a daily podcast and make daily TikToks and Instagram Reels. All these pieces of media are repurposed as assets on my website—which attracts more links and further fuels my SEO.

My best tip for others to boost SEO with email marketing is to turn emails into articles. When possible, look for relevant keywords to insert into the article page title, meta description, alt text, H1, and opening sentence.

This way, a newsletter serves not just as a linkable asset but as an SEO landing page of its own.

Edward SturmEdward Sturm
SEO and Marketing Expert, Edwardsturm.com

Spotlight Content via Email Marketing

Our email marketing has been a secret weapon for boosting our SEO, especially with a little help from our AI-powered productivity tools, templates, and dynamic content. Here’s a fun tip: Spotlight your coolest content in your emails. We love to give our subscribers a heads-up on our latest blog posts, killer tutorials, and super helpful resources.

This does a couple of awesome things. First off, it gets our subscribers clicking through to our site, bumping up those page views. But even cooler, it shows search engines that we’re the go-to spot for valuable content, nudging our rankings up.

And here’s the cherry on top: We sprinkle in social share buttons and make it super easy to spread the love for our content. When we drop a newsletter about our latest product updates, it’s not just an update—it’s a nudge for our fans to share our stuff on social media. This organic sharing action is like SEO gold, bringing in more eyes and creating a buzz around our brand.

So, the big secret? Make your email marketing a loop that feeds and is fed by your content and SEO efforts. It’s a fun ride seeing where it can take your brand!

John XieJohn Xie
Co-Founder and CEO, Taskade

View Email as a Traffic Channel

Email marketing is an underrated way of getting your content to rank faster. A ranking factor is that your content receives traffic from sources other than just Google, and email marketing can easily be one of them.

I ran a test once where I published two articles; the criteria were the same, but for one of the articles, I added a link in a newsletter I sent out, and for the other, I didn’t. It resulted in the article that was in the newsletter starting to rank immediately, whereas the other article didn’t rank until a bit later.

And once you get them on your page, the more they click around and read your content, the more positive signals your website sends to Google.

In summary, see email marketing as a traffic channel, just as you see Google. Once you do that, you’ll start to benefit from it tremendously. So, even though you might not see the correlation at first, it’s there and incredibly powerful when used correctly.

Phillip StemannPhillip Stemann
SEO Consultant, Phillip Stemann

Share Data-Driven Content in Emails

One powerful method we’ve used is to share intriguing, data-driven content that engages our readers. For example, we might send out an email that begins with a compelling statistic, like: “Did you know that 70% of…” Naturally, the recipient is likely to be curious about the rest of the information. So, we include a link to the full article on our blog or website. This not only drives traffic to our site, but it also encourages longer site visits, both of which positively affect our SEO.

But it’s important to remember that email marketing isn’t just about driving traffic. It’s also about building a relationship with your audience and providing value. By creating high-quality, relevant content that resonates with your subscribers, you’re not only boosting SEO but also increasing brand loyalty and trust.

Tristan HarrisTristan Harris
Demand Generation Senior Marketing Manager, Thrive Digital Marketing Agency

Monthly Newsletters Boost Site Interactions

As a digital marketing agency, we send out one newsletter a month to our subscribers, including a variety of different things: office updates, blog articles, social posts, company achievements, and more. Although these emails are not getting crawled or indexed, the content within them is impacting our website ranking and SEO efforts as it encourages visitors to read our content, like our posts, follow our accounts, and explore our different landing pages. These positive behaviors and interactions are therefore improving our ranking on Google search results while also interpreting our keywords and key phrases.

Annie EverillAnnie Everill
Digital Marketing Executive, Imaginaire

Include “Read More” Links and Content Snippets

Certainly, my email marketing efforts have significantly complemented my SEO strategy, primarily by driving more targeted traffic to my website. The best tip I can offer is to effectively leverage your email content to encourage user engagement with your website.

Here’s a specific strategy: Include well-crafted snippets of your latest blog posts or web content in your emails with ‘Read More’ links directing readers to your website. This not only increases website traffic but also enhances user engagement with your content. The trick is to make these snippets compelling and relevant to your audience’s interests.

Additionally, by analyzing which content in your emails gets the most clicks, you can gain insights into what your audience finds most valuable. This information can guide your content creation strategy for both your website and future email campaigns, ensuring that you’re consistently delivering content that resonates with your audience.

Remember, while direct SEO benefits from email marketing are not as straightforward as other strategies, the indirect benefits like increased site engagement and content relevancy can significantly boost your SEO efforts. This approach has been a key part of my digital marketing strategy, driving both traffic and engagement.

Joe DaviesJoe Davies
Co-Founder and CEO, FATJOE

Create Scannable Content That Stands Out

Email is a powerful channel for driving traffic back to our site and content. We regularly promote new blogs, e-books, and case studies in our email newsletters with catchy subject lines and compelling preview copy. This boosts clicks and website visits, which then improves our search rankings. My top tip is to make email content snippets scannable with bold headings and bulleted lists so readers can quickly grasp the value.

Karin ConroyKarin Conroy
Founder and Creative Director, Conroy Creative Counsel

Add Email Content to Your Website

One easy way to repurpose your email content is by adding it to your website. This has two benefits: more fresh content on your website and more opportunities to rank for more keywords.

Brennen SmithBrennen Smith
CEO, Lazarus Design Team

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