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She Who Mailchimps Zoom Event

She Who Mailchimps: 6 Takeaways

What happens when you get 6 Mailchimp Women Experts (and Mailchimp Partners) in one Zoom room for an hour? You get some awesome email marketing advice and also an hour
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9 Email Marketing Segmentation Strategies For Ecommerce (1)

9 Email Marketing Segmentation Strategies For Ecommerce

What is one way e-commerce companies should segment their customer list for email marketing?  To help your company segment their customer lists for email marketing, we asked marketing experts and
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Email marketing video library

Mailchimp 2-Minute Video Library

Below you’ll some of my favorite 2-minute Mailchimp video tips. Enjoy! VIDEO: Our Best Button/CTA Design Secrets VIDEO: Mailchimp’s email editor lets you resize images right in your Mailchimp account.
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How often should you email?

How often should you send an email? (Advice for B2Bs and B2C’s)

This is, by far, one of the most-asked questions I hear about email marketing. And below you’ll hear some great advice from 8 Mailchimp Partners/Experts with actual, concrete answers that
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Mailchimp Socks and 11 Creative Swag Ideas

Mailchimp Socks + 11 Creative Swag Ideas For Email Campaigns

What is the best swag item you have ever given away or received? To help your company decide on great swag items to give away, we asked PR experts and
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Emily and Elizabeth at Mailchimp

The #1 Best Business Decision I Made For My Business

Before I tell you the best decision I ever made for my business, you must first know this story… In the early 90s, my dad decided he would have a
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