12 Ways You Can Use AI in Email Marketing

Ways You Can Use AI in Email Marketing

12 Ways You Can Use AI in Email Marketing

Discover how AI can revolutionize your email marketing strategy with insights from 12 industry experts, including CEOs, Vice Presidents, and Marketing Managers. From streamlining copywriting to maximizing efficiency with email tools, these professionals share their tried-and-true methods for enhancing email campaigns with artificial intelligence.

  • Streamline Copywriting
  • Boost Engagement With AI-Based Videos
  • Brainstorm Content With Assistance
  • Gain Powerful Product Recommendations
  • Amplify Relevance via Combined Tactics
  • Improve Retargeting 
  • Optimize A/B Testing 
  • Discover In-Depth Email Analytics
  • Automate Behavior-Triggered Campaigns
  • Boost Open Rates with Improved Subject Lines
  • Enhance Engagement with Personalization
  • Maximize Efficiency with Email Tools

Streamline Copywriting 

While I’ve found so many ways in which AI can be used in email marketing, there’s one that I completely love and have incorporated in my email marketing campaigns: copywriting.

I love the idea of just entering a bunch of keywords into ChatGPT or Jasper, for instance, and having my email copy ready to be sent. What makes it even more fun is that you can try different input ideas to make the output better. Like you can let the tool know who you’re writing it for, what’s the purpose of the mail, what’s supposed to be the tone of the mail, and so on and so forth.

It’s a genuine recommendation from me to use these tools; leverage the power of AI into your email marketing campaigns because if you’re not doing so, you’re falling behind. We all know it’s very important to stay ahead when you’re in marketing. Plus, it makes your work so much simpler and gets it done so much quicker.

Aquibur Rahman, CEO, Mailmodo

Boost Engagement With AI-Based Videos

Not every email you send out can be action- or product-based — some are purely informative. For emails that fit the latter description, and despite evolving debate, I believe that including videos makes them more engaging. AI-based videos have been a pleasant surprise and add to the experience of opening emails.

As the cost of AI-based video production is lower, creating them is more profitable compared to hiring a professional video team. And your emails’ open rates will show a positive impact.

Matthew Ramirez, CEO, Paraphrasing Tool

Brainstorm Content With Assistance

As an email marketer, coming up with creative content consistently can get tedious. I’ve used AI to assist me with brainstorming ideas for content or copy. 

For example, I’ve asked AI to come up with detailed descriptions for particular customer segmentations in order to know how to talk to or market to a specific group of customers. After I get the description back from AI, I’m able to see how I can modify my marketing language to appeal to each customer segment. 

Whenever I use AI for email marketing, I’ve never used what AI puts out verbatim; I always tweak it to align with the brand voice or expound. Using AI to trigger various brainstorming processes has helped me tremendously by saving time for me and my clients.

Amanda Luke, Owner, Email and Mobile Marketing Freelancer and Consultant, ACL Digital Marketing

Gain Powerful Product Recommendations

I have incorporated AI into my email marketing by using product recommendations powered by machine learning. This allows me to provide recipients with tailored product offers based on their previous purchases or preferences. 

I recommend that other email marketers try this as it can increase relevance and engagement, leading to higher click-through rates and conversions. The AI-powered algorithm can quickly and accurately identify the products that are most likely to interest each individual recipient, so it can save a lot of time compared to manually curating product recommendations for every email.

Ryan Hetrick, CEO, Epiphany Wellness

Amplify Relevance via Combined Tactics

We use AI in our email marketing with AI-powered tools to help us create more personalized and relevant emails. I recommend that all email marketers try to incorporate AI into their email marketing campaigns, to create more personalized and relevant emails, which can lead to improved results.

Here are some specific examples of how AI can be used in email marketing:

  • Segment your email list based on user behavior, interests, and demographics. 
  • Personalize email subject lines, content, and calls to action. 
  • Determine the best time to send emails. 
  • Retarget people who have already visited your website or opened your emails.

Brenton Thomas, CEO, Twibi

Improve Retargeting 

One innovative method we’ve employed in our email marketing strategy is AI-based email retargeting. If a potential customer opens an email but doesn’t take the desired action, our AI system cues us in. We then send a carefully personalized follow-up email, to re-engage their interest. 

For instance, we once had a client who showed interest in our premium packages but didn’t complete the purchase. Our AI system flagged this, allowing us to send a targeted email, offering a limited-time discount. This method ultimately converted the lead. 

So, for my fellow email marketers, I highly recommend incorporating AI into your strategies. It can significantly improve engagement and conversion rates, making your campaigns more effective and profitable.

Alexandru Contes, Co-founder, ReviewGrower

Optimize A/B Testing

If you’re into email marketing, you’ve probably heard of A/B testing. I believe AI can improve this process by automating and improving the testing and optimization workflow, which is a widespread practice. 

Subject lines, images, CTA buttons, and email layouts are just some aspects that may be examined by AI algorithms to identify which works best in an email marketing campaign. Artificial intelligence systems can rapidly determine the optimal permutations of these aspects that yield the highest engagement and conversion rates by automatically producing and testing numerous variants of each. 

By automating A/B testing, email marketers can save time and effort while continuously improving the effectiveness of their efforts. Marketers may learn about client preferences and adjust email campaigns accordingly with the help of AI algorithms that reveal why certain variants performed better than others.

Timothy Allen, Sr. Corporate Investigator, Corporate Investigation Consulting

Discover In-Depth Email Analytics

I can say from personal experience that using AI-driven email performance analytics provides marketers with a wealth of data to examine the success of their email campaigns. While measures like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates are helpful, the patterns and levels of interaction with a brand’s content that can be gleaned through AI algorithms are much more so. 

Email data such as time spent reading, scroll depth, email forwarding, and social media sharing can be analyzed by AI systems. Having access to these supplementary analytics allows for a deeper dive into consumer interaction and the identification of weak spots in email layout, content placement, and overall campaign strategy. 

Email marketers can improve campaign performance, boost engagement, and get more results by evaluating detailed email data and acting on the insights they reveal.

Tiffany Hafler, Marketing Manager, FORTIS Medical Billing 

Automate Behavior-Triggered Campaigns 

In my opinion, the development of behavior-triggered email campaigns is made possible by AI-driven predictive email segmentation. AI systems can discover specific triggers, such as abandoned carts, website surfing patterns, or email interactions, by studying client behaviors in real-time. 

Email marketers can automate the sending of tailored emails to the appropriate customer subset based on the occurrence of certain triggers. When a customer abandons their cart, for instance, an email system driven by AI can immediately send a reminder of the items and an incentive to complete the purchase. 

Predictive segmentation-based behavior trigger emails have been shown to increase consumer engagement and purchases. They take advantage of AI algorithms’ capacity to spot opportune moments for communication, which boosts open, click-through, and conversion rates.

Cindi Keller, Communications Coordinator, The Criminal Defense Firm

Boost Open Rates with Improved Subject Lines

We’ve leveraged AI to enhance our email marketing strategy, particularly by creating more compelling subject lines. Recently, we were struggling to craft a catchy subject line for a promotional email. We fed the AI some basic information about our offer. It spit out a subject line that was intriguing yet informative. 

To our surprise, that email had the highest open rate we’d ever achieved. The reason why I recommend this to other email marketers is that AI can help you come up with fresh, unique subject lines that hook your audience. It’s like having a creative powerhouse at your fingertips, saving you time while optimizing your results.

Thomas Giarraputo, Vice President, Executive Cleaning Services

Enhance Engagement with Personalization

I’ve incorporated AI into my email marketing by leveraging personalized subject lines and content. By using AI to personalize emails, we can improve open rates significantly. Additionally, personalization enables us to tailor the experience for each subscriber based on their preferences and interests, which increases engagement and conversions.

I recommend other email marketers try this because personalization can help them create a unique experience for their subscribers, build stronger relationships, and increase conversions. Additionally, it allows email marketers to quickly collect data and insights which can be used to optimize future campaigns.

Darryl Stevens, CEO, Digitech Web Design

Maximize Efficiency with Email Tools

Incorporating AI into email marketing has been a game-changer for maximizing efficiency and personalization. I have adopted AI-powered algorithms to analyze user behavior and preferences, allowing for dynamic content customization.

I recommend other email marketers implement automated email segmentation and personalization based on user interactions, interests, and demographics.

By utilizing AI-driven tools, marketers can automate creating targeted email campaigns, improving open, click-through, and conversion rates. AI can analyze vast data and generate actionable insights to optimize email content, subject lines, and send times for different audience segments.

This level of personalization enhances the user experience and increases the likelihood of driving meaningful engagement and conversions.

AI-powered email marketing tools can also provide real-time analytics and performance metrics, enabling marketers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their email campaigns.

Shane McEvoy, MD, Flycast Media

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