9 Benefits of Outsourcing Email Marketing Initiatives

Benefits of Outsourcing Email Marketing Initiatives

What is one benefit of outsourcing your email marketing initiatives?

To help you appreciate the benefits of outsourcing your email marketing initiatives, we asked marketing professionals and business leaders this question for their best insights. From bringing in fresh perspectives to your initiatives to getting highly personalized email marketing, there are several benefits that you could gain from outsourcing your email marketing to experienced professionals.

Here are nine benefits these leaders gain from outsourcing their email marketing initiatives:

  • Bring in Fresh Perspectives to Your Initiatives
  • Save Costs on Recruiting and Training of In-House Team
  • Ensure High Quality Writing
  • Improve Response Rates With Professional Expert
  • Free Employees for Other Productive Tasks
  • Reduce Cost Through Selective Outsourcing
  • Guaranteed Email Delivery
  • Free Your Time to Focus on Higher-Level Business
  • Get Highly Personalized Email Marketing

Bring in Fresh Perspectives to Your Initiatives

Getting a fresh perspective on your initiative. While internal marketers are already familiar with brand voice and directives, someone from the outside will be able to look at the company messaging from a different point of view. Outsourcing marketing initiatives can be an advantageous strategy because they can think outside the box. While they may need time to get up to speed with brand information, the outsider’s point of view can better assess the needs of the average consumer. Getting a fresh perspective is key.

Stephen Skeel, 7 Wonders

Save Costs on Recruiting and Training of In-House Team

Building a team of in-house email marketers will require precious time and resources — resources that could be put to better use in other areas of your organization. Your HR teams will need to work twice as hard to fill new roles, train the new hires and track their progress. Outsourcing these email marketing campaigns to seasoned experts is way more affordable than handling this mammoth task yourself and the best part — you’ll have the desired results without any guesswork or experimentation.

Harry Morton, Lower Street

Ensure High Quality Writing

We all have our fields of expertise and if writing is not one of yours, then outsourcing your email marketing initiatives is a wise choice. You can have great products and services, but if you do not know how to catch the attention of your reader with your writing, or how to properly guide the recipient into your sales funnel, then it will matter little about the quality of your offerings. 

Having a skilled writer craft your subject lines, engage the reader from the first sentence of your content body, and know how to get your most important message across in the fewest amount of words, will be critical in your success. In outsourcing your email marketing initiatives to skilled professionals, you will ensure that the content of your promotional efforts is of the highest quality, and could be the difference between further engagement or having a sales opportunity slip away.

Matt Miller, Embroker

Improve Response Rates With Professional Expert  

The effectiveness of an email marketing campaign is directly related to campaign-specific conversion metrics used to monitor a campaign’s performance. Metrics such as click to open rate ratios, unique click rates, and hard and soft bounce rates, among many other forms of engagement, are monitored to optimize the success of a campaign.

Outsourcing your email marketing initiatives to specialists leads to increased efficiency, and detailed, strategic, and well-written campaigns. This tasks professionals with an abundance of expertise and experience in monitoring key metrics, A/B testing, and developing specialized email copy, which is bound to increase response rates.

Datha Santomieri, Steadily

Free Employees for Other Productive Tasks

Employees can be more productive with their workday instead of focusing on the build of email marketing campaigns. This can be extremely time-consuming and employees can be using their time in a more effective way. Outsourcing allows workers to focus on content strategy while an outside agency goes right to the experts who may be more efficient in delivering the assets and the build. It’s a win-win on both sides.

Jodi Neuhauser, Ovaterra

Reduce Cost Through Selective Outsourcing

Outsourcing can be beneficial financially because you do not have to outsource all your marketing. If you just need assistance with one part of it, you can find people to do so. For instance, if you already have a great email template but need someone to help with the copywriting aspect, you can outsource for that so that you do not have to pay someone for all other parts of your marketing emails. Take advantage of the freedom to choose exactly what you need to outsource so that you can still keep some of your email marketing resources in-house and save money.

Nick Shackelford, Structured Agency

Guaranteed Email Delivery

In an email marketing campaign, the deliverability of emails plays a major role in the success of the campaign. There are a lot of factors such as being blocked by ISPs, emails landing in spam folders, A/B testing for headlines so that they don’t get flagged by spam filters, etc. If you are trying to do this with an in-house team or by yourself this can be a challenge.

Outsourcing to email marketers or firms who constantly do campaigns and are always up to date with the latest trends and updates will help ensure that your emails reach the audience’s inbox. This can be a major factor in the success of your campaign. It can also ensure that the graphics and images don’t get striped in the delivery and your email marketing campaign can convert the prospects to customers.

Tiffany Homan, Rental Property Calculator

Free Your Time to Focus on Higher-Level Business

One benefit of outsourcing your email marketing initiatives is that you can focus on the higher-level aspects of your business. You no longer have to worry about the nitty-gritty details of managing your email list, sending out emails, and tracking results. Instead, you can focus on making sure that you are providing an excellent product or service to your customers and clients. This will help them become more loyal fans who will continue to recommend your company to their friends and family members.

Chad Rubin, Profasee

Get Highly Personalized Email Marketing

Personalized messages are one benefit of outsourcing your email marketing campaigns. Due to a lack of time and money, many businesses see the value of personalized emails but do not implement them within their own operations. When you outsource, providing knowledgeable prospects and other employees with 1:1 tailored experiences is hassle-free. Make your email campaign stand out from the competition by adding customization down to the smallest details.

Implement an email campaign that would produce a measurable return on investment by utilizing the prospect’s existing information. Someone needs to spend time and expertise on doing this. An efficient email campaign is the result of hours of steadfast work, from setting up automated behavioral triggers in the mail to carefully selecting extremely enticing photos. The best course of action for email personalization is outsourcing. Your consumers will feel appreciated and receive exactly what they need thanks to those targeted emails.

Raviraj Hegde, Donorbox

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