6 Ways Email Marketing Fuels an Inbound Strategy

What are the best ways in which email marketing fuels inbound strategy? 

To help marketing professionals truly understand the impact email marketing has on inbound strategy, we asked marketing managers and experts this question and their best tips on how to best use email marketing. From remaining relevant to nurturing your audience, there are several simple ways that may help you fuel your inbound strategy.


Here are 6 ways email marketing can fuel an inbound strategy:

  • Remain Relevant
  • Turn to Subscribers for Content Ideas & Promotion
  • Refine Your Brand Messaging 
  • Create Long-term Relationships
  • Open Communication and Network
  • Nurture Your Audience
6 Ways Email Marketing Fuels an Inbound Strategy

Remain Relevant

Email marketing can maintain brand awareness and nurture an ongoing relationship between the company and customers. Even if email list leads are not yet ready to close the sales funnel and make a purchase, and even if not every campaign results in conversion, sending timely emails keeps your company at the top of a client’s mind. After seeing your organization’s name repeatedly in their inboxes, leaders are likely to pay your company consideration and make a visit when finally ready to buy.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

Turn to Email Subscribers for Content Ideas & Promotion

One innovative way to keep email subscribers engaged in the content you are producing is to ask for their input. Find out what topics they are most keen on seeing you publish next as blogs or long form guides. Send your email subscribers a quick survey to gather their feedback, align ideas to your inbound strategy and search rank potential, and then when you publish the new content, thank your subscribers by providing them early access.

Segment the survey respondents before you create the content and let them know they can be the first to share it if they wish before you start promoting across your social channels. It is a great way to improve your content ideation, increase organic sharing, and better align your next content pieces to what your audience wants to read.

Colton De Vos, Resolute Technology Solutions

Refine Your Brand Messaging by Funnel Segment

One inbound strategy is to use email funnels to segment different demographics in your ICP. The more precise your brand messaging is to a specific audience, the more likely they will be attracted to your brand or find your messaging relatable. The best way to pinpoint the risk areas of your funnel is to audit each segment for leads, conversions, and churn. You can do this using most analytics software and subsequently tighten your brand consistency where it’s missing the mark. 

Many companies get the basics down with inbound marketing and funnels but fall short on optimization. The more refined your brand messaging, funnels, overall consistency, and so on, the better your returns.

Zach Goldstein, Public Rec

Email Helps Create Long-term Relationships

Whenever you email people who have willingly given you their email address, it’s basically inbound marketing: your prospect has come to you. Adding email to your inbound strategy is a great way of ensuring that your message is coming to those who want to hear it, and it’s perfectly tailored to their needs.

The core of inbound marketing is producing valuable content that meets the demands of your target audiences and creates long-term customer relationships. And there is almost no better way to build a relationship than email marketing. Personalized content, automated messaging and segmented audiences are the most important and effective tools you can use. If you manage to generate content that will make your customers go “oh I really feel like they’re talking to me”, your inbound marketing will be on a great path.

Klara Dumancic, Investors Club

Open Communication and Network

Email marketing can have a positive impact on your business. There are approximately 1.3 billion email users spread across the globe, and the growing number is bringing marketers into the e-mail marketing industry. It provides an open communication system with the consumers, and the option of personalizing the email works as a cherry on top. You can sync it with CRM and improve your customer relationships and grow your business. It can influence your inbound marketing strategy by grouping your customers and providing them with relevant content. The eventual goal of turning leads and generations can be achieved with the intersection of both.

Meera Watts, Siddhi Yoga International Pte. Ltd.

Nurture Your Audience

While email marketing has its limits, it remains the most effective way to nurture people from dabbler to buyer to brand advocate. Too many marketers categorize email as a conversion channel. It certainly plays a role at the conversion stage, but its most powerful use is as a way to warm your audience up before going for the sale.

Bobby Klinck, BobbyKlinck.com

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