Working virtually with a marketing team is probably a new thing for your business. We have some answers that may help you understand how we work.

So how exactly does this work?

We work with you on a monthly basis to manage your email campaigns from start to finish. We design, format, edit and customize your emails. You simply approve. We also provide expertise and recommendations with your email marketing strategy each month. You can choose to provide all content or we can help create it for you.


We communicate mostly via email and we use Asana to manage all tasks related to your emails.

Do you bill by the hour?

We no longer bill by the hour, but we have monthly packages based on how many emails you need us to send. We can, however, take on a certain number of hourly projects, so just let us know.

Do we have a call to discuss everything first?

Absolutely. We love to schedule an initial discovery call to hear your ideas and make sure we understand your voice and brand. After you sign off on the estimate and e-sign our short work agreement, we schedule this initial call and then we’re off and running!