Why the name “Westfield Creative”?

In 2016, I had just relocated from NYC to Lake Tahoe and was trying to find a way to work from home, so that I could be around my then 6-month-old little boy. I have never been an office person and never will be. I had to find a way. In early 2016, after a call with my friend, Val Geisler (now an email marketing guru/expert), I started my virtual assistant business, “Emily Ryan Works,” which was helping entrepreneurs and small business owners with really anything they needed. From WordPress website help, to Mailchimp email newsletters, to graphics, to social media and much more.  They thought of something, we did it. It was really my dream at the time…just to be working from home.


Elizabeth Bogh and Emily RyanThen, this little business grew very quickly. And maybe too quickly. I kept taking on more and more clients and in 2017, my sister, Elizabeth, came on to help me manage it all. We grew to a full-time digital marketing agency, specializing in Mailchimp, social media and WordPress. As our business grew, we desperately wanted a new name. I hated the name “Emily Ryan Works.” It was a name that I quickly chose because www.emilyryan.com was NOT available on that day in 2016 and this was the only domain name I could find. And over time, as my sister took on 50% of our workload, I hated standing behind just my name. She never minded and actually preferred it that way (she always says that I should be the “face” of the business, but it feel right). So we began the search for a new biz name.


And it took FOREVER to come up with something that made sense for our business, for both of us and where the domain was actually available (harder than you think!). I think we went through 100 names. It had to be special for us. It had to be cool.


And then one day, we landed on a name that made so much sense to us both — Westfield Creative. Westfield (Road) being the street that we grew up on together in Charlotte, NC.  Liz and I lived at 3000 Westfield Road for 18 years (14 of those together) and it was truly a magical home to grow up in.


We grew up in an old, big blue house, covered in ivy. We could both tell you every corner of that house. We had a pool and a trampoline and our yard was a giant playground of awesomeness. We also had computers in several rooms of our house (which in the 80’s was pretty techie). Elizabeth actually went to a magnet school for science and technology (she was the real techie in our family) and I went to a performing arts school (I was the crazy, artsy theatre kid).


Westfield was our home and now with our new business name, it can be forever.

2 thoughts on “Why the name “Westfield Creative”?”

  1. WESTFIELD-creative.com! Girl!!! Why am i just seeing all this magic you’re making, professionally speaking, that is!? Lol! Anddddddd..the name.. I literally made a squeaky squeal (strange’ish sounding actually..lmfao!) noise outload when i came across this for a the first time about 15 mins. ago.. Since then I’ve been virtually stalking(!!) your MASSIVE SUCCESS! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!
    I feel so connected to this name.. My social life, second family.. My sister’s! Mom #2 Dad #2! Westfield Tennis Courts! Westfield Hot Tub! Westfield Pool (and sliding board which we’d, much to Randy’s dismay, i can only imagine, soap completely! Apparently we felt the 90mph 2 sec. ride down into the icey cold pool needed speeding up! Menaces, we were! Yea right.. The two most preciousinnocent little girls ever, right here! Lololololol!😁😂)! Westfield Trampoline (i swear you’re an adrenaline junky who shpuldve run off with the circus! Ive still never known anyone so little have such little hesitation..about anything in life. But this trampoline. Wow! Perfect life metaphor for you in the BEST ways imaginable!!)! Westfield Balance Beam!!!!! #TheStoryOfUs!
    All ‘brought to u in part’ (in full) by The Jones FamBam! Westfield and Hillside Halloween! Lauren Grice Est. in WESTFIELD Circa 1985? Holy sh!?! We’re old!😛😜😁
    Im sorry this congrats is so late.. I had to let you know just how proud i am of you! You’re my hero! Lol! 😘✌😛💞

  2. OMG-this is so so sweet and made me laugh so hard!!! Trampoline metaphor. hahahha! Love you girl! You’re the best and I always miss your face!

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