6 Ways To Maximize Mailchimp To Get Results

6 Mailchimp customers

With so many features, how can you get the most from Mailchimp’s platform and tools? 

To answer this question, we asked six Mailchimp customers and experts for their best tips. Here’s what they had to say about maximizing Mailchimp to get results.

Take Advantage of the Campaign Analytics

Tapping into the analytics from a campaign on Mailchimp will better equip you for the next one and the many more after that. Using their analytics will help you have a solid idea of the success, including how many people it reached, how many opened it and how many people engaged with whatever you sent. By using these numbers, businesses can continue to improve their email campaigns and gain more and more engagement. 

Daniel Cheetham, Y Scouts

Research Mailchimp Packages

Research all their offers and choose the tools that are best suited for your needs and business. While it may be tempting to use all sorts of services, if you do not understand them or how to use them, they will be of no use to you and you will blow your budget.

Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional

Chat with Mailchimp’s Customer Service 

If at any point in your Mailchimp journey you get stuck and need help to see results, don’t be afraid to reach out to their Customer Service staff. These are people that work day in and day out with Mailchimp, knowing it much better than the average user. Go to them for anything and you are guaranteed to get your answer as well as better your Mailchimp skills during the process. A win-win! 

Kayla Centeno, Markitors

Set It and Forget It

In the spirit of efficiency, one of my favorite features of Mailchimp is the ability to automate your campaign. For example, you can set up triggers for when the initial intro email to your new customer should be sent or an email to be sent to a customer based on their website activity. Mailchimp’s “set it and forget it” approach truly provides you with the necessary tools and platform to provide timely and relevant information to your customers with ease.

Jennifer Leicht, Marketing and Small Business Consultant

Utilize Tags to Send Relevant Emails

My best Mailchimp tip to get the most from their platform is to use tags to send more relevant emails. For example, create a tag for email subscribers who have not opened your last 10 emails. Such subscribers are in danger of disengaging! You should talk to those disengaged subscribers differently. For example, offer a “welcome back” coupon exclusively for them. You can start the email with something like this “we noticed you haven’t opened our emails so we created a special offer just for you!”

Bruce Harpham, Technology Marketing Consultant

Back to Back Email Campaigns

On top of manual, one-off email campaigns, Mailchimp has the ability to set up back-to-back email campaigns—many paid users don’t make use of this feature. For instance, for new customers, you can set up weekly onboarding emails for the first month, to educate and inform this pool of users on your product/service. You can also set up a rule to only send out follow-up emails if a user had not previously opened the last campaign. This one—you don’t over email customers who are already actively using your service and may not enjoy the over-supplement of email-based content.

Hung Nguyen, Smallpdf

Where do you go to find inspiration for your email marketing campaigns?

Mailchimp experts

Here, 8 Mailchimp partners and email marketing experts share their top tips on where to look for email design inspiration. From other websites to social media accounts, there are so many places you can look to inspire your next campaign.

Really Good Emails, obviously. Also sites like Mailcharts where you can monitor your competitor’s email campaigns to develop your own strategy is super useful.

Doug Dennison

CEO & Co-founder


I read a lot, not necessarily things linked to the topics I have to write in my emails. Inspiration and creativity come by opening your vision, not navel-gazing. Literature, movies, a good tv series, the occasional chat with a stranger: you have to collect a lot in the divergent phase of your thinking before converging to the best solution.

Alessandra Farabegoli

Digital Strategist, Co-Founder

Digital Update and Freelancecamp Italia

No particular websites. It depends on the message and topics. They are my search results and I always try to approach the topic from a different perspective. By browsing shutterstock or Adobe Stock I get my visual inspirations.

Nick Beuzekamp

CEO and Founder

Online Marketing Bonaire

I look for businesses I think are at the top of their game and sign up to their emails. I look at emails we’re sending for other clients. The Mailchimp gallery. Unsplash for images. Reading articles, books, in client meetings and the intersections of ideas to see whether there’s something useful there.

Glenn Edley

Director & Email Strategist


In addition to sites like Really Good Emails, I attend webinars from leaders like Mailchimp, Litmus and Hubspot regularly, where I find inspiration from the speakers and their company emails. Often, I’ll subscribe to the emails for any organizations featured in a webinar presentation, and save the best of them in my own email folder for email ideas.

MaryAnn Pfeiffer

Digital Marketing Strategist

108 Degrees Digital Marketing

I sign up for a lot of newsletters, so I go to my inbox! Every time I hear a newsletter suggested by someone I go sign up for it! I have a “special” inbox just for my newsletters.

Amy Hall

Email Marketing Strategist and Certified Mailchimp Partner and Consultant

Amy Hall

One of the best things you can do is to simply look at your current, personal email inbox. What lands in spam? What emails do you stop to read? What subject lines jump out? I look right at my own Inbox often for inspiration. I also love Really Good Emails, Litmus, Buffer and following a lot of #emailgeeks on Twitter.

Emily Ryan

Co-Founder and Email Strategist

Westfield Creative

Multiple places, but usually my best ideas come from my inbox. If something catches my attention I will try to test that tactic in my campaigns. I also frequently find inspiration from industry blogs, the email community, and Really Good Emails is a great resource to see the latest email trends.

Adam Q. Holden-Bache

Director of Email Marketing

Enventys Partners

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