Stay Relevant Newsletter | Feb 8

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Before I share some important links from this past week, one important fact I wanted to share, in regards to your email campaigns. Did you know the AVERAGE open rate across ALL industries is only 22.87%? Yes, siree! So don’t fret if 77.13% of your people aren’t opening your emails. It’s those 22.87% that matter. And they matter big time. Just wanted you to know that…

Also, I have a lot of links this week, but I promise they’re all worth reading. 

Things I loved from this past week online:
Instagram adds a “donation sticker” for Instagram Stories.

Here are the absolute best days/times to send an email campaign. 

Facebook is planning to merge their Messenger with WhatsAppand Instagram messenger. 

The Chief of Stores for Apple is leaving the company after 5 years.

If you’re a mom and on Instagram, you’ll probably agree with this.

This app turns complete strangers into Instagram boyfriends. 

Do you use GSuite for your business email? Pricing going up slightly on April 2nd.

Here’s a great update on the latest news on all things Google

Here’s my go-to link for adding/downloading social media icons to put in your email signature.

Feel Good Link: I believe in only following accounts that bring you joy or useful information. Here are 20 of the funniest Instagram accounts if you’re feeling down. 

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